Child stress, hard to spot, often underestimated

Moving, back to school, family difficulties ... Like adults, children can be destabilized and stressed by changes in benchmarks or unusual events. What makes the difference between them and us? They do not know how to verbalize anxiety. Anne-Laure Vaineau "I'm stressed", "I'm anxious". If adults have no trouble pronouncing these words, it is more rare to hear them in a child's mouth.

How can I convince my parents to let me live with my boyfriend?

How can I convince my parents to let me live with my boyfriend? I would like to settle down with my boyfriend. My parents know that I go out with him, but refuse to have sex, and I have to lie to them. I asked them if I could settle down with him so that we could continue our studies together. But their answer was negative.

Know how to use our dreams

Our nights are full of images, words and symbols. Decoding them allows us to see clearly in us. But by working on our dreams, we can also concretely transform our lives, says therapist Layne Dalfen. Some tips for learning to interpret dreams. Erik Pigani A little manual to interpret dreams A short manual of use and interpretation for a new approach to this mysterious continent.

Eve Ensler: "We need insecurity"

You have declared that "to live in all conscience in insecurity would make it possible to finish with the executioner-victim scheme ". What do you mean? Eve Ensler: That's one of my ambivalences. I do not think we can ever - ever! - forget the person who assaulted you. But we can not define ourselves only in rage and anger, believe me.

Thermal waters: the return to grace

Cures, simple care for well-being? Not at all. Recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of a medicine that knows how to take the time. Marie-Laurence Grézaud "Take the waters." This little phrase used by our parents or grandparents to signify that they were going to cure their "" pains "- better known now as osteoarthritis, asthma, venous insufficiency .

Massage, a pleasure for everyone

The massage ... how many of us dream about it? And not only to melt under the effleurages! The success of the courses to learn the right gestures proves it: we also want to have a hand. Plunge into the art of doing good with a specialist, Galya Ortega. Agnès Rogelet Galya Ortega is the author of "Massage au quotidien" (Ellébore, 2004).