Alternate custody in five questions

Ten years after the enactment of the law on alternating residence, it continues to progress and to debate. We asked psychotherapist Nicole Prieur to help those who make this choice to live it at best. And two grown children tell us about their existence between two houses. Laurence Lemoine Emotional balance.

My son-in-law is not paying enough attention.

My son-in-law is not paying enough attention. How can I help my daughter? My daughter's husband spends all his time with his mother, and my daughter suffers. What good advice can I give them both? Jeanne, Sens. Claude Halmos Psychoanalyst answers None. It's up to your daughter and her husband to solve their problems together, who only look at them.

First session: I do not want to love

One-to-one with psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Robert Neuburger, a reader wonders about the need for psychotherapy. We leave the tape recorder running. One way to reveal what is really going on in a therapist's office. This month, Nathalie, journalist. Anne B. Walter Why did you decide to consult? It was my mother who told me about these "First Sessions" in Psychologies magazine .

"There are things of oneself that one refuses"

"I was 23, an atrocious fear of the future, and a belief that I would never be able to socialize myself in. I was a student and supposed to write a doctoral thesis in literature. did not know how words were written, how sentences were put together. I then decided to consult a Lacanian analyst At the end of the first session, where I had not stopped complaining about this mysterious forgetting the rules of writing, he told me: "A lot of things will come back to you.

Breast Cancer: "Art, My Connection to Life"

Marine Bureau-Kohn is a visual artist whose life changes when she is 47 years old when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. However, far from giving up, she decides to fight relentlessly against "her crab". His art, his humor, but also his entourage the door to healing, a few months later. Back on a path of hope.

And if the backache also came from the plate?

Do these greasy adhesions play a role in our back pain? G. B. : Absolutely. And it's proven: in the middle of fat, there are sensitive sensors - Pacini's corpuscles - that are sensitive to pressure. But when the fat hardens and starts to block, they exert pressure on these bodies. These then send a message to the spinal cord that says in essence: "be careful, there is too much pressure in our area".