I relativize while waiting for orgasm

Bride for 24 years, I have fun when I make love with my husband, but no orgasm. I only knew one in my life. At the beginning of our relationship, I felt bad after love. It was like staying on my hunger. I was even aggressive towards my husband.

Then, time passed and I calmed down. Perhaps because of the acceptance of a fact: the incest my father subjected me to when I was young. He destroyed part of my intimate life. And not only my ability to reach orgasm: since then, I am suspicious of men, and I am never in seduction.

Subsequently, I practiced masturbation alone. Like that, I get to have an orgasm. But I tell myself that the only orgasm I knew could be the last one. And I accept it. This is not a fatality for me.

On the other hand, my husband sometimes lives it badly. He dreams of giving me this famous orgasm. I tell him that I have a lot of fun, in the end, it is perhaps he who is more disappointed than me.

In the end, although the only orgasm I had left me a little dreamy, I have a lot of fun and it is enough for me.


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