Apnea reloads me in positive energy

I started apnea three years ago and I soon became aware of all that it brought me in terms of well-being. Apnea recharges me with positive energy. I arrive at the swimming pool completely stressed, the head full of my work, my daily problems, my annoyances. At the end of the session, 1h40 later, I am full of energy, I feel like new. It must be said that when I'm on dry land, I do not know how to stop. I am still milling, gamberger, asking questions. It's tiring! My apnea sessions are the only time when everything stops. Because I am focused on myself, what I do and how I feel. In a daily newspaper where I keep running, apnea has become my breathing. The only parenthesis during which I can really relax.

Apnea taught me to take the time to breathe - with your stomach, not just with your lungs! - but she also taught me a lot about myself. His practice requires to know himself mentally and physically, but also to listen, to be attentive to the small signals sent by the body. And that are not necessarily very strong. For example, the sensations of heavy legs or even extreme well-being can be heralding a syncope. It is only through practice and a slow progression that one gains in knowledge and self-control.

Today, if I miss a few sessions, I will soon feel less well. And it's not just the sporting side and physical expense that will fail me. No, it's about something else, more of a mental dimension. By calming me down and allowing me to completely recharge my batteries, apnea brings me a real balance in the long term.

For me, apnea is before all that: a true mind-body reconciliation. Underwater, I need both. If the head is elsewhere, it does not work. If the body is tired, either. Apnea "reconnects". I think that's what explains its success today, in a society of stress, a world where everything is accelerating.

What can slow down its growth are the fears, the apprehensions: put your head under water, no longer breathe ... This is understandable, of course, but it is really worth it to overcome these fears. Because we progress quickly, especially at the beginning, and this progression is observed in a very real way: we discover little by little that we can dive to 15 meters deep, then 20, then 25 ... We pass the levels, too. But these steps that we cross, in apnea, are all locks that we have in his head and that we blow up. This discipline makes us move smoothly - and always in control - what we think to be our own limits.Apnea boosts self-confidence and is a great driver on a daily basis.


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