My weight problem

My mother has always made me feel guilty about my weight. I did not realize that child, I had no weight problem but by dint of hearing it, I ended up convincing myself and I became a specialist periods without swallowing anything and then periods of bulimia. Today I took 25 pounds in 2 years (87 kg for 1m63), I saw it very bad but nothing makes it impossible to lose weight. I have the feeling of eating to fill a void. I saw psychologists, nutritionists, I made depressions, a suicide attempt, I stuffed myself with medicine and ... nothing changes! What to do? Meliane, 26 years old

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


It seems that your mother had a difficult relationship with her weight and her eating behavior. She reported on her difficulties and anxieties, which prevented you from learning how food is eaten and has led you to eating disorders, weight problems and deep despair.

In fact, you alternate deprivations, with an exacerbated control over your food behaviors, and loss of control, inevitable when one seeks to voluntarily control behaviors that depend on psychophysiological regulations.

To get out of it, it is first necessary that you build a relationship of trust with your food, that you can eat by being attentive to your feelings of hunger, satiety, your appetites for biological or psychological order. To eat well, the weight will gently settle down to the balance weight, your natural weight, sort of.

But learning to eat everything that loves without anxiety or guilt, to respect your food sensations and therefore to eat neither too much nor too little, may not be enough. It is not impossible, if you also eat according to your emotions, that a psychoemotional work is necessary.

This work on eating behavior and emotional issues, some therapists know now lead. One track, among others, to find them: Group of Reflection on Obesity and Overweight (www.


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