Testimony of restoration: I found the man I love ...

Today, I share the beautiful testimony of restoration that a sister, Claudine sent me. His testimony illustrates what we regularly share together on this platform: love is a choice, a daily decision!

When the "human" love comes to die within a couple, then this couple enters one of the most exciting adventures of its existence which is to learn how to love each other's love of God. It's powerful!

Testimony of Claudine

Dear Aisha,

First of all, thank you for these messages full of wisdom and positivity. I read a lot of your articles and they impacted my way of seeing marriage, relationships in family life.

My husband is a wonderful man and I have already lived by his side 10 beautiful years of life together. However, we are not a perfect couple and in recent months, 4 children later (the last 2 were surprises ...) I experienced a number of frustrations in my relationship. I considered what my husband was supposed to do or say, but he did not ... His failings hurt me deeply and made me angry. I expressed my frustration, often with disgraceful silence, accusing him, and making myself less sexually available, and I felt that I was becoming more and more bitter in what I said and how I looked at him.

Through your posts and a book I stumbled on ("When a woman loves a man" by Steve Gadet, whom I recommend), God allowed me to understand what the nature of the love that I I had to bring to my husband: an unconditional love, and I began to see my many faults too.

It took me 10 years to understand it and it's for me a second adventure who starts, a new start for our married life. I understand that for many people who enter the marriage, we live his first couple years by drawing on an "account" whose resources are exhaustible, more or less quickly depending on the couple: we draw on feelings, emotions, all that the passion, the first flame brought us with the period of the dating, the engagement, the marriage and the first years of common life ...

As pure and warm as this flame can be, this stock of energy is quickly depleted and slowly renewed ...

At a certain time, love must gain in depth, maturity and must become the fruit of a daily decision and not a simple impulse of the heart. I did not understand that after 10 years! And I think that sometimes, many marriages take more or less long on the first form of love that I quoted, then separate thinking that they have nothing to live in common, more interests shared, etc ... and they re-attempt the adventure with a third person, with more or less success, often less ... But finally, it is that they had not entered this second phase, which is sometimes difficult but so exhilarating all things considered ...

With this new approach, this new position, I found the man I love ... I almost let myself be blinded by my expectations, and lose sight of the fact that we are made for each other, and that I promised him to love him, to cherish him, in the good ones as in the bad days. May God help me keep this promise, as well as all the couples who consult your blog ...


Thank you for this beautiful testimony Claudine. I am immensely grateful to God for what He has done in you and among you !!! It's glorious! Thank you Lord ! I pray that He will continue to saturate you with love and that His grace, as a powerful shield, will keep your couple, your family!

To all those who are in the breach for their marriage, I say to you, be strengthened and encouraged. The God who raises the dead will give life back to your marriage. Amen?

Jesus said to him, "Have I not told you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God? (John 11:40)

They will rebuild on old ruins, They will raise up ancient rubbish, They will renew ravaged cities, Devastated for a long time. (Isaiah 61: 4)

A prayer for today : Thank you for acting in Claudine's life. I am convinced that because I put my trust in You, I will see Your glory. I will not be disappointed. I will not be in any trouble. I will rebuild with you. My marriage that had been ravaged by the enemy will be renewed, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Amen

Excellent week to all in His presence!


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