How to be free from comparison?

Our homes lack joy and well-being, often because of lack of gratitude; we tend to magnify the problems and the shortcomings of our spouses ...

Today, we are discussing our last reflection (well, I think so!) On the subject of comparison. After talking about the problem of comparison in relationships, the origin of comparison, and the importance of recognition, we will see today how to be delivered from comparison.

What to do to be released from comparison?

Here are 3 things to do to be released:

Make the decision to glorify God. Glorify is magnify. To magnify is to make one bigger. The unhealthy comparison in relationships is driven by lust, envy. One tends to look at the creature and the material goods and to magnify them (to give them a place, a disproportionate size). It's somewhere idolatry. To overcome the comparison, focus on God and choose to elevate Him above all in your life.

Pray for God to reveal who you are (your identity), your value as well as the value of what He has given you. This revelation about yourself, the nature of the One who redeemed you and the value of the things and people He has put around you will save you from envy and therefore from comparison. Take time to meditate on the Word of God, to renew your thoughts!

Be grateful. Gratitude is the "grace-attitude". It is an attitude of grace. You'll never have a hard time being grateful if you realize you do not deserve anything you own. Everything is grace. Your marriage, your work, your health, your children ... everything comes from God. It's a grace! A gift ! To recognize that will preserve you.

Our homes lack joy and well-being, we are often depressed because we lack recognition, we magnify the defects of our spouses, we magnify the problems above God ... One of the fruits of recognition, it's joy. I do not tire of saying it, be grateful!

A prayer for today : Lord, I recognize that I have often compared myself to others or compared what You gave me to what others have. I beg your pardon. I receive your grace; the grace of being wise, so as not to compare me to others. Thank you for the way you created me. Thank you for the body you gave me. I am a wonderful creature in Your eyes. Thank you for my call. Thank you for my destiny. Thank you for my wife / husband. Thank you for the children you gave me ... I accept everything you gave me and thank you. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Be blessed!



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