Stop the radio silence: adopt the right preparation!

You have decided to get your ex back and for that you have sought the most widespread solution, the one that everyone advises you on the internet, the one your coach advocates in certain situations and offers impressive results: radio silence .

I think that it is not useful that I come back on this process which makes it possible to react his ex as you will find explanations on my site on this subject and even more in my audio seminar on the art to succeed a perfect SR . If you want to get the definition of the radio silence or to know even more about the way to cut the contact with his previous love, it is enough for you to consult this guide on the SR which will point you. Because today, I only wish to focus on a crucial question: how can we stop a radio silence in the most efficient way possible?

To answer it, it is imperative to understand the importance of SR in the reconquest of love but also to know in what position you are.

Stopping the radio silence is crucial

If you read these lines, it is because you have most probably started breaking contact with your ex or you are about to do so. You must know that the establishment of this silence will serve you to react to your ex and it is therefore essential to start it well in order to arouse the good emotions both in your ex but also for you. This distance or total silence with his ex is sometimes accompanied by small actions that allow the head out of the water and therefore overcome the emotional dependence that may exist.

I know that when you start a radio silence, you have a short-term plan and you do not consider all the options for the future. However, to ask how to act later and especially how to stop the radio silence is just as important as to wonder about the ideal way to put it in place.

Remember why you started your SR. Of course the ultimate goal is to get your half back, this person who counts so much in your eyes. But before reaching this end, there are inevitably stages and even sometimes trials. Unfortunately, everything can not be done easily and instinctively. We must try to succeed because it is not by staying idle that anything will happen. Waiting patiently for the return of a person who has made the decision to leave is absolutely not the right option especially if this tactic is accompanied by constant messages or incessant phone calls. You can wait patiently and wait for the return of your ex, but for this, it is imperative to act, even if it is indirectly by cutting links because only this can cause an emotional lack.

But to go even further in the psychological pressure that you put on the shoulders of your former partner or your previous darling, it is really important to perfectly prepare the end of the radio silence. It will even be a little extra that can be of great importance for the rest of your plan. Indeed, men and women who manage to stop a radio silence can have an appointment with their ex in a few days and therefore do not need to set up other actions to find their ex. By acting correctly and following my method, you can not only recover this person so dear to your eyes, but in addition you save time!

I have in mind in particular the example of a man who stopped radio silence after a little over a month and her ex was so pleasantly surprised to hear her voice again that she took the initiative to fix an appointment and even proposed the time and place . All the initiatives came from her ex and we must remember that a little more than a month earlier she had made the decision to leave.
If you want to give weight to your silence, put an end to it in a strong and powerful way!

Stop radio silence: how to prepare it

I consider a little reconquest as a war of nerves, not to say a psychological war. And precisely, as during each conflict, it is necessary to prepare each offensive perfectly. It is therefore necessary that the context is propitious but also that you have left nothing to chance.

Let's say that the contact cut between you took place several weeks ago and you did a strict SR, that is to say without any contact, not even on social networks. Your ex will inevitably feel a lack because it is only because we make the decision to leave that we are immediately happy. Some habits are missing as well as your physical presence and some of your qualities. I want to remind you that when you lose a person, you remember that everything was not so bad at home.

It is precisely this lack that will be created which will allow you to provoke emotions.To prepare the contact recovery in an optimal way, it will be necessary to get some information about your ex and including his morale, his life since the separation and what is happening important. It is for this reason that I sometimes advocate keeping your Facebook active in order to have some information at your disposal. It must be known that the way of getting back in touch is no more important than the context itself. You must never relaunch the communication with your ex on a whim. It is essential to prepare the ground well and you must therefore launch your fishing information services!

The reason is quite simple. If you decide to send a detached message and your happiness since the break for example: "hello, how are you?" I'm on a small cloud I moved and made a lot of friends in My new neighborhood If you think to spend this weekend over here, let me know because it's on top!

But that in the wake you receive this message: "No I will not spend this weekend because I'm not at home, I had to go to the south in an emergency for the funeral of my grandmother and my father does not go well "

Do you imagine the cold that such an answer will throw?

This does not mean that on the occasion of a death you absolutely must not get back in touch, but simply that there is an adequate way to do it since if you had sent this type of message: learned for the death of your grandmother, I offer you my condolences, I am with you and those of your loved ones in these difficult times.If you do not feel well, my door will always be wide open.

To know how to get back in touch after a radio silence it is necessary to be subtle and to take into account not only the character of your ex but also the general context.

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