Disputes with her husband: 4 tips to overcome them!

The life of a couple is a daily challenge. Between misunderstandings, everyone's wishes, and the stress of everyday life, there are a lot of reasons that cause disputes with her husband.

When these tensions are daily, you have to know how to say stop and take the bull by the horns. Certainly, nothing is easy especially if this situation lasts for several years and you are on the brink of rupture. But the feelings should guide you and get you back on track to consider a quick improvement.

The dialogue to avoid arguments with her husband must be carefully thought out and we must avoid criticism while trying to remain neutral. I often take the conversation with your boss as an example. You speak to him in a tone that you rarely use and you weigh your words. Well with your partner, you will have to act in the same way to create a connection. To help you in this task, I suggest you discover 4 tips to avoid arguments at home.

1 / Make your emotions come out!

Reflection allows you to empty your mind and analyze your emotions. After all the arguments with her husband, it is essential to note some elements that will allow you to better understand the origin of the tensions and therefore the way to remedy them.

You must write what you feel before arguments, during and after. What are the words or actions that have been able to put you out of your reach, how does it materialize in your home and how do you end the stories?

Subsequently this will allow you to bring out your emotions and thus anticipate problems. If you decide to speak to your companion in an unfamiliar tone, he will notice your efforts and will do the same.

At first, your goal should be to bring out your emotions in order to open the dialogue BEFORE the dispute and not once it is taking proportions too important.

2 / Dialog with her husband to understand his point of view

No, you are not a monster and it is important to come back to your husband to understand his reasons and have the opportunity to change his point of view or why not yours! You will know what efforts you will have to make in the future in order not to repeat the same mistakes!

What I could understand through my job of marriage counselor it is because during disputes with her husband, it is not always one who is wrong and the other who is right. Often the truth is in the middle.

Especially since the education that one has received being younger influences the behavior once grown up. It is essential to understand the difference from his partner, understand that her point of view is not as stupid as you can think and understand that before your common story, you had a different learning and life vision.

To understand the other is to make 75% of the path of personal reconstruction.

3 / Avoid arguments with her husband by talking with people!

Exactly, to know if a woman has a part of responsibility in the arguing with her husband, I often advise to start the discussion with other people. Be careful, do not ask the opinion of your loved ones because they will necessarily take your defense or in any case they can not remain neutral. In addition, often they are the ones who are the origin of your education or who received the same as you.

The ideal is to have a few confidants to confide in and listen to in return. The more you have friends who listen to you and advise you, the better it will be because you will be able to have several bells.

4 / Take the air to avoid arguments with her husband!

If you feel there is electricity in the air at home, do not stay there! Do not hesitate one second because by persisting to stay in a place where you feel bad, it will necessarily happen what you dread the most.

Get out and do what you want to do. You can go shopping, see friends, visit your relatives, go to an exhibition or cinema ... To end the arguments with her husband, there is sometimes nothing better than indifference. This will probably allow him to take stock of his actions.

I know how much the life of a couple is a daily struggle so good luck to you.


Alexandre CORMONT, your advisor for avoid arguments with her husband.


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