12 Tips for a successful office area

Light, orientation, color, accessories, take care of your office layout down to the smallest detail.

Patricia Coignard for Houzz.

With changing forms and working conditions, more and more of us are creating a professional space in our home sweet home. Whatever the volume available - an apartment, a studio or a house - it is not easy to mark the area "pro", to optimize the use, ergonomics, decoration. Yet these are major issues for concentration and creativity. So I decided to share with you some tips, drawn from both my long professional experience, having worked at home for 18 years, and my job as an architect and interior designer.

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Set up your office in a bright place

It's a golden rule: natural light positively influences morale and boosts energy. If possible, the window should not be behind the desk to avoid annoying reflections, or behind the screen, otherwise dazzle.

Here is a perfect example with this immaculate office with Scandinavian decoration, conducive to a serene and studious atmosphere.

Orienting your office to the north

It's ideal to never be blinded by the sun and guarantee a long-lasting source of light.

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Design a functional space

A well thought out desk is an office where everything is at your fingertips, functional. You must be able to find easily your documents, your tools of work. In addition, we gain in aesthetics!

In this example, we like the alternation of open and closed cupboards and the retractable tray that knows how to be discreet if necessary!


The height of your tray or table and the position of the computer screen are as important for comfort as good back health! So invest in a real ergonomic chair with armrests and adjustable height.

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Think about a maximum of closed storage

An office should encourage reflection, concentration. In order not to create visual pollution, limit as much as possible the open shelves, papers and other files lying around.

Beautiful illustration that this office in Hamburg where each element found its place. Special mention for the wall painted with a technical magnetic painting, both elegant and practical!

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Delimit Space

With Partition

Another major principle: the work environment at home must be distinct from the rest of the room where it was arranged.With a canopy, we preserve the brightness while isolating ourselves from a physical and phonic point of view.

In this London example, the steel canopy with half-height glass separates the spaces without breaking the connection between the two rooms.

With a color code

When there is not enough room or room to dedicate at your desk, here's a trick that works every time! One chooses a shade in contrast with that of the walls which will visually delimit the pro part.

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