Resume work after parental leave

After 15 months of parental leave, I will resume my work. A job that involves travel and a strong intellectual investment, chosen 7 years ago when I was free from any family constraint. This situation bothers me and gives me the impression of betraying my desires: to take care of my children AND to do an interesting job. How to best manage this delicate period? Schalaire, 34

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun

Business Coach


The answer of Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun

The return to work when we just spent more a year with two little people who are the center of the world is not always easy. And the period before is not the one where one is the most motivated and where the professional world appears idyllic. Especially since it is not: in the highly competitive sectors of the council, the dominant culture often contains an implicit one which is to put one's work before one's personal balance. Whoever watches over his "work-life balance" is sometimes seen as lacking in ambition, refusing to engage body and soul in the rat race.

So, no hasty decision. The priority is to succeed in this return and to set up a new family and professional organization. It will be a real rehabilitation that will require efforts to everyone and will take 3 to 6 months before you can breathe and find yourself in a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

To overcome this period, arm yourself with patience. During these 15 months, life has continued and water has flowed under the bridges in your absence. It is not certain that you are expected with open arms. Before your return "official", so it is prudent to make a few visits to the company, to check that you always have an office, customers, records and missions, to talk with your boss and your main colleagues so to program your reintegration and make it easier. For nothing is more depressing than to come back and see that nobody is waiting for you and that your office now has two trainees.

Every maternity ward is at the cost of sometimes difficult rehabilitation and during this time, male colleagues have come forward and make you feel that their constraints are not the same. However, their pleasures, their commitments, their priorities either.

But to say that working life is not compatible with the life of a mother, I think that the prospect of returning soon to the ruthless world of work may make you a little exaggerated ... Or then you want to lead everything together and become a "superwoman" who combines career and family life.This is especially an icon for the media because in reality, we make choices according to the priorities that we give ourselves for our life. And making choices means being able to give up something you do not choose.

At bottom, do not you look for the white elephant? Interesting work, well paid, not too much traveling, and respectful of family life ... Everyone dreams. But you, what are you ready to let go to create a life that makes sense?


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