Therapy: Women's Speaking Groups

Yesterday flying, they admit today slaughtered, cut off from their emotions and their bodies. They need to reconnect with their femininity. Hence these groups of words, forbidden to men.

Catherine Maillard

Between women

All my love stories take the water "," I'm tired of rolling mechanics "," I feel inhibited, helpless. "Muriel is attached to press, Eve, singer, and Sophie is a housewife, mother of twins.As they, many women testify to their feeling of being cut, separated from the essential.At the dawn of the third millennium, they do not want more to be men like the others.Their breakthrough in areas where there is little exclusively male seems to leave them, despite the trophies hard won (socio-professional success, financial autonomy), dissatisfied.

Hence the demand, then the offer Spoken groups reserved for women and forbidden to men, which, from the outset, exclude any relationship of seduction.Lighter than a group psychotherapy, they invite women to forget their rivalry to indulge in authenticity Psychologies in choi if three, representative of this current of recent personal development. The first deals with emotional dependencies, the second proposes to rebalance its male and female values, the third to be taught again by his body. But make no mistake. This is not feminism, but to be reconciled with the femininity that is in us.

End emotional dependencies

After prefacing Robin Norwood's book These women who love too much (Ed de Man, 1992), Josette Stanké, psychotherapist, did not stopped being solicited by women whose emotional life was a disaster. His support groups are born from this demand and aim to learn to break free from these links that we weave to keep each other at all costs. The emotional addict has more need to be loved than to love, and will therefore seek the other, compulsively, feverishly and repetitively, signs of recognition that will secure it. But without ever getting a positive benefit, because he gives them no credit.

Here, it is forbidden to talk about the man: it is not a question of emptying one's bag but of privileging one's experience. The themes? Repetitive patterns, violence, jealousy, perfectionism and, of course, the need for control over the other. "Just stating what I was going through, my life was not turning around, says Helen. suddenly, I became the central character. " The facilitator acts as a guide to find the essential points of reference: "Being able to speak on your behalf, take up your space, make your territory grow is what protects the woman from the tendency to depend on the other", says Helen.

In a cycle of 10 sessions, one per week, women "dare" to live alone "offering themselves a time of sobriety," as they say. To take again the risk of tasting the happiness that the love carries in him, but on new bases.

Open to the solar woman

For most, they provide. They live alone, have important work responsibilities, and often one or more dependent children. But now, they are tired of showing the smile of success, to play the "wonder women". "Our contemporaries have become masculine, high-performance, warlike, and now they have to discover another dimension of their femininity. cooks jams, but one that will properly lead the affairs of the couple and the city ", says Paule Salomon, therapist and philosopher.

It is about reconciling oneself with a certain vulnerability, a certain fragility. The work focuses on the exploration of the different representations of women. "From the Mother Goddess to the beating woman, through the submissive woman, the femme fatale and the boy, we are led to understand how the relations of domination compromise the relationship between men and women, "explains Paule. Psycho-corporal exercises, psychodrama, verbal exchanges with two ... Jacqueline realizes the truth: "I can not bear to be ordered At home, it's me who organizes everything: the holidays, the budget, the evenings ..." By causing clicks, this course should allow him to more easily accept to stop controlling all situations. Some exercises do not fail to cringe "What are the male models that have marked your love life?" The armor falls and the memories come back ... Unconsciously, Jacqueline always manages to fall in love with indelicate, unfaithful men, and Chantal meets only disappointing partners.

A sort of therapeutic airlock, the seminar, lasting 5 days, makes it possible not to repeat the models of the past and to discover that being woman and sensitive, assertive and soft is no longer contradictory. From this alliance of masculine and feminine values ​​emerges the solar woman, in peace with her inner couple. An essential step to improve your relationship with men.


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