It is so difficult to accept the death of a loved one .

It is so difficult to accept the death of a loved one ...

Losing a loved one is a difficult ordeal. How to accept it?

Maryse Vaillant



After the death of a loved one, we are fragile for several months. Especially if this person had a large place in everyday life. Feelings are mingled, loneliness, upset schedule, intimate emptiness, relief, loss of all benchmarks. We do not know what life is for.

We must give time to the trouble. To accept to be grieved, not to know what to do with one's life. Do not push yourself too hard. Then comes the desire to reorganize, to revive, otherwise. And to remember that being close while he was alive, younger. This will be the moment to look at the pictures. Do not ask too much of yourself if death is recent, but give yourself the right to get better later.

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