My son-in-law is not paying enough attention.

My son-in-law is not paying enough attention. How can I help my daughter?

My daughter's husband spends all his time with his mother, and my daughter suffers. What good advice can I give them both? Jeanne, Sens.

Claude Halmos



None. It's up to your daughter and her husband to solve their problems together, who only look at them. Your "good advice" could only make things worse and transform their life as a couple into a confrontation between a hostage husband of his mother and a girl who would become hostage to his.

Helping your daughter is not telling her what to do. It is to make him realize that she herself can find answers to her questions. You must first ask why she is complaining to you.

Some girls, in fact, feel obligated to show their mother that they are unhappy at home (and sometimes become so) because they feel unconsciously guilty of loving a man and having with him a sex life happier than their mother's.

They are also often afraid that they feel betrayed, abandoned or in rivalry with their spouse and even with their mother-in-law, who is also a mother to whom they can become attached.

Your question may be a "good intention", but hell, it is said, is paved ... It's a cruel saying that sometimes you have to remember when you're a parent ...


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