Debate: what future for the children of science?

There remains the question of abandonment by the surrogate ...

Sabine Prokhoris : I do not believe that the we can talk about abandonment. The child is not rejected. He is entrusted in a relay socket, a transmission. And it is not so bad for women and children to be able to break with this fixed idea, which makes a few ravages, of the child as "flesh of my flesh" ...

Myriam Szejer : From this angle, the GPA is not a rejection, but it is abandonment, and a trace of what happened defi nitely. This even in the most literal sense, since we now know that we keep in our blood, for many years, cells of the child we have carried. We have our children "in the skin". The separation is difficult, and even if the drama is repressed, there is injury. You think that these women like to be pregnant, that's probably true ... Is not it to be considered as a symptom when it goes so far as to want to be pregnant to be pregnant? And what

symptom is it to encourage? Finally, we must consider the children that the surrogate already has. Who is this baby for them? What will they live seeing their mother "give" this "brother" or "sister" to others? Are not they going to feel insecure or guilty? And their father, the big one excluded from the operation, how does he fit into this story? I think we should not make legal all this tinkering of filiation.

Sabine Prokhoris : On the contrary, I think that we should legislate with caution. Otherwise we abandon these practices - which take place anyway to the advantage of a procreative tourism, as for him surely traumatic - to the implacable law of the market, with all its excesses.

Myriam Szejer : It's not because we do things elsewhere that we have to align ourselves. We have an ethics committee and laws, not for nothing. And as a psychoanalyst, encouraging to move symptoms, to exploit them is not our vocation to interpret the symptoms in the hope of limiting the suffering they cause.

Sabine Prokhoris : Interpreting the symptoms is also about what they are trying to tell us, and we do not have to tell people how they should or should not live.

Myriam Szejer : No, but we all have a social responsibility, whether we allow these practices or not.

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