Listen to his body

I got sick from an emotional shock. Since then, my life has taken a different turn. Before, I did not do any activity. I did not take time for myself. During my two and a half years of stopping, and between periods of heavy fatigue, I took care. I enrolled in singing lessons, sophrology and self-painting. I even attended lectures on genealogy and medical research. I would never have listened to my desires. I was too taken by the whirlwind of life. He made me forget the essential.

Due to an incapacity, I left my old workstation. I did a training to reconvert, which went very well. I finish an internship during which I was able to present all my qualities. I am even about to be hired. I would like to tell you that when you get sick, you must not be negative. You must know how to listen to your body when it sounds the alarm.


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