What is a good yoga teacher?

With the rise of the practice of yoga in recent years, the number of teachers has increased. But how to recognize a true good yoga teacher? Find the right questions to ask to make sure you speak to an expert.

Anne-Laure Gannac

They are everywhere! One of the causes and consequences of the success of yoga in the Western world is the growing population of teachers. Why? First of all, because the numerous courses are above all an opportunity to deepen one's own practice, before becoming a teaching sesame. And because the desire to transmit this passion becomes inevitable for those who seriously engage in this philosophy. For others, the teaching of yoga can appear as a means of reconversion, surfing the wave ... How, in this plethoric offer, to sort and find his teacher? What is a good teacher, by the way? Here are some criteria to trust.

His yoga

Ashtanga? Vinyasa? Bikram? Nidra? Power? Difficult for a beginner to know what to choose from the many types of yoga on offer. In fact, this multiplication is a recent phenomenon, dating from the 1960s. Originally, there is only one, postural: the hatha . All these schools essentially refer to different ways of taking these postures: by dynamically linking them (ashtanga, vinyasa, power) , or gently (hatha, vyniyoga ...) , in a heated room (bikram) ... A "good" teacher will advise before the course what will best suit the expectations and the profile of each. However, the same kind of yoga can be taught in a variety of ways, depending on the teacher's training and sensitivity. Hence the interest of trying several courses but, above all, different teachers.


This is important, although no university education is required to practice this profession and schools are diverse. Admittedly, a training course over three years, as proposed by the French Yoga Federation, seems more serious than an intensive four-week training. However, everything depends on the teacher's investment in yoga and his ease in the teaching relationship. More, perhaps, that his diploma, his career can tell us: when, where and by whom was he trained?

His practice

No one can say that they have reached the end of the path of yoga. A good teacher is a teacher who knows he remains a student and continues to practice regularly. Moreover, only a teacher who has kept alive the taste of the practice will be able to transmit it. "The relationship with the yoga teacher is a relation of identification, remarks the psychoanalyst Christiane Berthelet Lorelle: we project an important part of us in him , or at least the one we would like to become."If he seems to have moved away from practice, how could he interest us?


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