Acting locally can have global impact

Is it the urgency of this awakening that led you to rally to the cause of Nicolas Hulot?

Sonia Rykiel: My commitment to Nicolas Hulot is important. I find his speech very intelligent, very human and understandable, it can be integrated by everyone.

That's why I've been supporting him for a long time, helping him as I can and being present when he asks me, because I'm a public person and that's important when you want to be hear.

Beyond this commitment on the ground, how does your sensitivity to the environment translate into everyday life?

Sonia Rykiel: I always pay close attention to the water and energy I consume. I never leave the lights on, and I annoy my teams every time I ask them to switch off behind them in the studio!

I also try not to be obsessed with cleaning, to avoid wipes. This obsession with killing bacteria, cleansing everything is completely absurd and dangerous for the planet.

How would you summarize your commitment to the planet?

Sonia Rykiel: I am engaged in everyday life by small gestures, with Nicolas Hulot when I can, and with the media, like you, as soon as I can make my voice heard ...


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