My colleague is a bitch

claude Sarraute

Me, it will be a croque and a salad. And you, Vava?

- Me, nothing. A light Coke. I'm not hungry. I'm upset! If you knew what she did to me again this morning, the slut!

- Stop calling him that, Valerie! It's bad for what you have.

- Oh good? And what?

- An allergy. She gives you buttons, M2P, and instead of ignoring it, you scratch yourself to the point of bleeding.

- Well, just that, Vero, this way of being called M2P instead of Marie-Pierre Poirier! She thinks herself for whom, this bitch? For Jean-Marie Messier? Since she became assistant to Bouvier, she no longer feels fart. No, it's true, she thinks she's allowed. Until ordering me to go down the air conditioning. I'm not his good, shit!

- You're sitting right in front of you, so normal that she's asking you to ...

- And her comments on how I get dressed, that's normal, too? Behind my back and more. I heard her perfectly, she spoke to Josyane, something like: "What are these miniskirts and these little sweaters ras-le-navel and ras-les-nichons? It's to dredge Bouvier? " Just if she did not treat me a bitch! Obviously, fucked as she is!

- Then, sorry, but she is very well done, Marie-Pierre, thin, slim, slender, very BCBG.

- Awful, yes! Skinny with a big nose. An old skin.

- Anything! She is in the 35 years max.

- And this way to bring her back with her architect husband, her two kids, her housekeeper, her relationships ... unbearable!

- Yes, it seems that they often go to dinner with the CEO.

- And after? This is not a reason to get upset or look for lice all day long. There are only for his little darling Josyane and Sylvie! Me, she does not know what to invent to humiliate me.

- You do not think you're pushing a little, there!

- I would like to see you there!

- But I saw, I worked with her for two years, I'll tell you. She was perfectly OK.

- With you, she did not dare. That I, still this morning, when I told Bouvier that I had a problem of nanny, that I had to leave a little earlier, she had the nerve to point out that when it was not that, it was something else and I did not know how to organize myself. What I concern myself? I'm tired, I'll tell you, Vero, fed up, it rots my life, it will even end up scrambling with my boyfriend. He does not want to hear about it anymore and that, I take it very badly.

- You let yourself go too far too, Vava. Instead of you playing it holy and martyr, you'd better be positive.

- What, positive?

- It's like saying you're awesome, smart, a workaholic, hypersympa - I read an article about it - and the coworker who pumps you off is nothing that a bitch, a bitch, a sour and a failure.

- But I only do that! And each time, you put my nose in my poop taking his defense. And that I give him M2P! And that I find it better rolled than Cindy Crawford! And that I let myself completely snub by this me-you-saw-fake Gucci.

- Me? Not at all! It can be a dry, dry thing, it's true. And it happens to be a little lather ... But hey, it's not a torturer, M2 ... sorry, Marie-Pierre. You will not drag her to the courts for moral harassment, anyway! If still it was your leader ...

- She! Chief? Head of my ass, yes!

- That makes me think, they recommend another thing to depreciate it and give it a feeling of superiority: imagine it sitting on the toilet seat. Berk? Listen, I do not know what to tell you anymore. He is right your jules, it becomes really painful, this fixer on M2P! Here's an idea: if you want revenge, just invite him to lunch and whine for an hour on his plate complaining about me. It will crack quickly, believe me. "


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