Religion: from now on, is each one his kit

Some believe in God, others do not. Their common point: all were constituted a singular spiritual kit. On their altar, various objects that inspire them and encourage them not to be content with the only material reality.

Laurence Lemoine

An Old Bible and a Kouglof

Pierre Lassus, 54, Director of a Child Protection Association :

On his desk, between piles of files , a small red leather Bible shriveled. Obviously, she serves a lot. "I can grab it anytime and read a passage from the Gospel, St. John for example, it's my favorite." Can this text still help Pierre, who receives new reports of child abuse every day? "Even more than that: he inspires me!" Protestant of Lutheran obedience, he first believes in a man, a rabbi named Jesus. "Thanks to him, I remember that there is a part of the divine in each of us, and that we owe it to ourselves look for it. " Pierre gets closer to it during the sober worship. "In the summer, near the beach of the Charentes where we spend our holidays, there is a small chapel.On Sunday, the pastor comes from Rochefort to celebrate the worship. There are barely four or five people, but always after the service, we drink the aperitif together and the pastor's wife serves a kouglof that she cooked in the morning. more spiritual moments than this one. "

A wrench of wire floor and a candle

Hélène Lafontaine, 37, singer :

" I really accepted myself as a singer when I I realized that my voice was a talent that had been given to me. "

A true gift of the gods as this voice of viola-viola, serious and powerful. A native of Guadeloupe, a daughter of a line of pious singers, Hélène was first drawn to French songs before returning to sacred songs. In weddings and baptisms, singing is an opportunity for her to live her spirituality to the fullest. "You do not see me, I'm close to the organist, I can close my eyes, the silence in the churches is like the salt of the seawater that carries you, it helps my voice unfold. "

Although Christian, Helen does not subscribe to all forms of this religious movement. She likes to relax at home, in solitude, in the lotus position. "With a candle, because the light illuminates me from the inside." Does she believe? "Yes, in the sacred dimension of things, even in the most banal daily acts." One way to look at reality differently: "The other day, I was walking desperately in the street, wondering if I should continue to sing or not, if I was not wrong, and so on.My foot stumbled on a small object lying on the sidewalk: a wrench of wire floor! I had the answer to my question. "

The photo of an Indian archery and a crowned woman's head

Titian Gallen, 57, writer and yoga teacher :

He has broad shoulders, breath, seems well anchored in his body.Initiated to yoga and sophrology, the inner work, for him, begins with the body. "I knew very early that we must breathe when we have problems. "" Inspiration "could also be the key word of his career." Poetry has served me as second mother, "sums up this writer.Here, a gothic head of crowned lady who sits at the top from the library reminds him regularly: "It represents for me the source of the thought." Originally from a family of practicing Catholics - including two priests - Titien Gallen defines himself today as a lay spiritual. Above all, the symbols, be they Egyptian, Christian or Sufi, are in close resonance with me. his being is snapped up by the Great Spirit of the Indians of North America.

For these peoples, man is always in the making, he must learn to orient himself, to maintain conscious relations with all the elements, while keeping in touch with his center. This is what I live every day. "Attention and refocusing are therefore the basis of his practice, they allow him to" get back in touch with the Whole who lives in us and who is at the heart of every living being met. "God? It does not matter what his name is. He is the source of breath and consciousness. The important thing is to reconnect. "A question, for him, of" spiritual responsibility ".


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