A meaningful walk

The walks are for me small pearls of discovery, every time renewed, as if nature secretly sent me signs to answer my questions. As far back as I can remember, I have always wondered about existential questions. There is no reason for it to stop. So I was walking on the road of Alsace wines, I walked a step, admiring the landscape, stopping to take a picture of the wonders that were presented to me. I tracked the moments of sunshine, because that day, the sun played with the clouds. After a round trip of one kilometer, a stomachache and heaviness in the legs, I stopped to take a break. I mentally pestered this fatigue, my lack of physical training, my limits and everything went on until I realized that I was loaded like a mule. Before going for a walk, I asked myself the question of what I had to take with me and then by laziness and negligence, I took my bag as is and the camera. I was carrying the camera, alone, huge and heavy, and my shoulder bag containing water, what to eat, my papers, a notebook, trinkets, road maps, my keys, packs of handkerchiefs ... I found myself harnessed, unbalanced by the weight and volume of what I was carrying. In short, like the snail carrying his house on his back, I walked, but I exhausted too quickly.

I realized in a split second the incongruity of my situation and an irrepressible desire to laugh took me. This comic situation had just revealed to me a whole part of my functioning that I reproduced hundreds of times, mechanically, without understanding its deep meaning. Was not all this the illustration, the expression of my fears that accompanied me half of my life?

Life had just winked at me as I savored it, because it did so with humor. And the good news is that I ignored the importance of my little person to welcome what was revealed to me.


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